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Does it feel like your career is at a stand still, but you are not sure what to do about it? Are you frustrated by the results of your job search efforts? Or do you simply want to take things to the next level?


If you are experiencing any symptoms of career distress, our 90-minute Introductory Career Analysis Session will help you diagnose your specific challenges. We can then explore practical and actionable ways to address them.


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Over the past 14 years our 1,000+ individual career services customers have represented more than 80 countries and organizations such as adidas, Accenture, Disney, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Economist, Gallup, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey & Co., Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, Tata Group, and the United Nations.


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We are proudly credentialed by The Five O'Clock Club Guild of Career Coaches, Thought Leaders in Career Management and Outplacement.

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Five O’Clock Clubbers get good jobs quickly because they take a professional approach to career management and job searching. Members study the textbooks like they are in graduate school.

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“I first hired Peter to revamp my CV, but he did much more than that. He helped me realize what kind of manager I was, and helped me strengthen my confidence and values. The process was quite long because Peter took his time to get to know the 'real me.' That was money well spent. I had the privilege to subsequently meet Peter face to face in Shanghai, and we are still in touch on a regular basis. He's still of a great support to me."

-- Pascal Martin-Daguet, International Project Management Executive, Civil Engineering



"I recently hired Peter as a subcontractor for an outplacement resume writing contract for a Fortune 250 corporation, and boy did I hit the jackpot when I found him. His resume writing work is flawless -- attractive, compelling, well-positioned -- just exceptional. But, it is his lovely personality and patience with clients that completely wowed me. The clients simply loved him! I plan to hire Peter again on future projects, that is, if he is not already booked!" 

-- Laura Labovich

President of Aspire! Empower! & Adjunct Outplacement Consultant at



"...a small investment with the potential of huge returns. I can now present myself with a professional, convincing package to potential employers."

-- C. Hooter, Facilities Operations Executive



"Whether working face to face or across the globe from Peter, he is the best in his profession. He has done more than ever expected and done it well."

-- Robert Marple, Organizational Growth and Renewal Executive



“Peter will put together a great resume based on your input. I still use (with appropriate updates) the one he wrote for me in 2005. His work has never failed to end up on the top of the pile when it came time for the reader to cut to the Top 10. Highly recommended.” 

-- Courtney Harrington, CTO/CIO



"Your service came highly

recommended to me by a colleague and now I understand why. You have been very thorough and ultimately professional. I can say with confidence that your knowledge of contemporary job searching techniques and advice on resume distribution channels helped me generate the interviews I wanted. My transition was made easier by your service and I now strongly recommend you to my family, friends, and colleagues seeking career advancement."

-- James Phelps,

Education Professional




"The resume you wrote made the difference for me in landing the job that I wanted. I have had offers from the best hospitals in the U.S. thanks to you! I want to tell you what another professional resume writer said when she helped me send it out from her laser print store: 'It is the best resume I have ever read, it tells the employer what you can bring to the table. It is a excellent cover letter!' It made the difference for me in getting the chance to choose the position I wanted. Thanks again!"

-- Steve Archer, Nurse Manager/Case Manager



"I got a job thanks to your talents in providing me with a professional resume! I will be working of the the most exclusive retail fashion boutiques in the world. I will be one of their managing supervisors and feel very fortunate to have been selected as one of 14 out of approximately 20 applicants. Your resume was able to capture the attention of their New York HR department to land an initial interview. Without that, it would not have gone any further. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-- (name withheld by request), Fashion Retail Sales Manager