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Characterizing Interface Shape Evolution in Immiscible Polymer Blends via 3D Image Analysis

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Deformation and Rheology of Co-continous Blends


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Morphology and Rheology of Cocontinuous Blends

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Film Processability, Morphology, and Properties

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Icon_doc_16 “Time Evolution of Interface Shape in Cocontinuous Blends Studied By 3D Image Analysis”


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Icon_doc_16 Coarsening Dynamics of cocontinuous blends

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Icon_doc_16 Morphology and rheology of cocontinuous blends

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Icon_doc_16 Rheology and morphology of cocontinuous polymer blends during coarsening and pinch-off

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Icon_doc_16 Study of the polymer blends drop deformation during the blown film Process

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Icon_doc_16 Modeling the deformation of LDPE/PA-6 blend films made by the blown film process

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Icon_doc_16 Study of the barrier properties of LDPE/PA-6 Blends

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Icon_doc_16 “Coalescence of disperse particles in immiscible polymer blends

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