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Latinos' Economic Impact on the Midwest

Recent census reports show Midwestern cities are shrinking and people are moving out. But one group is actually growing – the Hispanic population. That’s why I went to a few of the fastest-growing areas Latinos are moving to in the Midwest to learn more about their economic impact. Aired 6/19/11.

Fall Color Tours Cashing in on the Near-cation

Robert Frost wrote that Nature’s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold. The thousands of tourists searching for fall color this month know that sentiment well. And the billions of dollars they’re spending on color touring seem to be immune to the recession. Aired 10/11/10.

From an idea to economic reality

Battelle isn't exactly a household name but the Ohio nonprofit is responsible for everyday items like the Xerox copy, compact discs and even bar codes. Those are the inventions Battelle publicly takes credit for. There are countless others, but the Columbus-based organization stays under the radar because it develops these products for large corporations confidentially. Aired 11/21/11.

A young patient helps his doctor cope

Six months after the Haitian earthquake, several hospitals in the United States are still treating survivors. An extraordinary bond has grown between a pediatric plastic surgeon in Miami and his 9-year-old patient. Aired June 2010.

Cocoa Farmers in Haiti

Haiti had trouble growing enough food for its people even before Jan. 12 - now, food is even more of a challenge. In the first of a three-part series on rebuilding Haiti's economy, The Miami Herald's Niala Boodhoo traveled to one of Haiti's largest cocoa-growing regions to see how the earthquake affected the commodity. Aired 3/16/10.

Haiti's national spirit: Barbancourt rum

In Haiti, people have endless arguments about politics, class and religion. But Haitians agree on Barbancourt rum. The drink is such a part of everyday life that people talk about the spirit with national pride. In the second of our three-part series on Haiti's post-earthquake economy, Niala Boodhoo visited Barbancourt headquarters on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince to see how they're doing. Aired 3/17/10.

Insurance for Haiti's Poor

How would Haitians have fared if they had insurance following the devasting earthquake? In the final installment of our three-part series on Haiti's post-earthquake economy, Niala Boodhoo explores one microfinance organization that's delving into microinsurance to find out. . Aired 3/18/10.

VisualCV Video

The weekly web show speaks with The World Bank's Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean about the economic outlook. It first aired on in Sept. 2009.

Icon_pdf_16 Car Dealers and the Recession

This Miami Herald Sunday front page story published Dec. 14, 2008 looked at the ripple effect one car dealer has on the local economy.

Icon_pdf_16 The Real Estate Effect

This Miami Herald Business Monday cover story published April 2, 2007 looked at the spillover from the real estate slowdown into other parts of the economy.

Honors & Awards

  • National Headline Award, Broadcast Radio, Changing Gears' Manufacturing Series, 2012
  • Regional Edward R. Murrow Award winner, Audio News Series, Changing Gears' Manufacturing Series, 2012
  • Regional Edward R. Murrow Award-winning Audio News Documentary, WLRN Under the Sun's Haiti Episode, 2011
  • NPR Economic Reporting Project Fellow, 2009-2010
  • Newspaper Association of America Minority Fellow, 2008
  • Knight New Media Fellow, March 2007


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