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Montilla on quality and content

Victor Montilla

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Montilla speaks on programming, quality and content.  Footage and interview are excerpts of the documentary "WIPR-TV 50 Years" which aired on TUTV on June 29th.  Sub-titles provided separately and were not included in original airing.

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PDF version of my complete and current CV.

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Patricia Harrison

President and CEO Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Carlos Rios Gautier

Chairman of the Board Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corp.

Paula Kerger

CEO PBS, Public Broadcasting Service

“Through his work at Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting, Victor has made a significant contribution to the community. The station is engaged in important community outreach and produces programming of the highest quality. His leadership has been important for the station as well as the national public television system.”

Jose Cancela

Principal Hispanic USA Inc.

“VIctor is a great human being and a true professional. It does not get any better.”

Carlos Rom Jr.

EVP/COO Eurobank

“Victor has the uncanny ability to correctly balance the strategic and the tactical – the long-term decisions and the short-term ones. He recognizes that the strategic depends on the tactical, that a direction must be established, while making particular and specific decisions along the way, thus making the established direction unfold correctly. Add to this, his passion for excellence, for doing things right from the get-go and I can think of no other combination of managerial traits as crucial to the future success of the organization as this.” November 10, 2009

Jonathan Garcia


I have known Victor over fifteen years and he has always impressed me as an over achiever. Victor is detail oriented and whatever goal is put in front of him he will do everything in his power to attain it. I would recommend Victor for any management possition in our industry.” August 26, 2008

Jorge Martel

SVP T-Mobile

“I have known Victor for over 20 years and have witnessed how his strong work ethic, "laser focus determination" and strong values have resulted in numerous achievements and becoming one of the top professionals in the TV and Production Industry. Victor's leadership skills have been instrumental in taking WIPR TUTV to a new level in overall quality production and efficiency.”

Vanessa Toledo-Vickers

President Virtual Marketing Associates

“I have known Victor for many years and he has always been an effective leader that gets things done. He takes charge and leads people to perform at their best to get the results that positively impact the bottom line. He has great vision and knows how to build strong relationship with key stakeholders.”