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Outstanding Canadian Career Leader

2011 cpc award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Canadian Career industry as a prominent leader within the profession. 

Key Areas of Expertise

·        Executive Resumes

·        Career Transition

·        Career Assessment

·        Branding Strategy

·        Online Networking Strategy

·        Job Search Strategy

·        Interview Strategy

·        Career Transition Support

·        Executive Coaching


Radio Interview with Chris Lawrence December 31st

Radio Interview with Chris Lawrence November 3

Your friends out of work?

The economy is not doing too well....

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Toast of the Resume Industry Award, 2011

Cover Letter win

Each year, CDI hosts the resume writing industry's most prestigious Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) resume writing competition.

CDI introduced the TORI™ Awards to  the industry in 2000 to celebrate a new standard in excellence through rigorous criteria requirements. While award standards have always been demanding, never before has the resume writing industry embraced the concept of a standardized criteria for resume judging.



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Client Testimonials

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Most Recent Comments: 


Workshop Facilitation: "Great speaker, very engaging and interesting. Content was excellent and extremely helpful. Makes me want to run home and re-write my resume right now! :-)" Government of Canada Employee, February 2011


Resume Writing: "I completely agree that it was a great collaboration and want to thank you for that. You are one of the most personable people I have had the pleasure to work with as well as very professional and knowledgeable. Although we never met in person It was very easy opening up and candidly talking to you about my past experience and personality. To me this part was very important because I really do think I have a unique skill set which is sometimes difficult to articulate and openly market. After our sessions I feel very comfortable that you will come up with great draft documents harnessing all this information. I also want to thank you for getting me to relive all those great things that I have accomplished in my work life. It really is easy to forget over time so thank you. I will definitely let you know where I end up and the result of all this." Channel Manager, February 2011


Interview Coaching: "I felt that I was really well prepared this time. I started off with five things that I wanted them to know about me and I saw a lot of head nodding! I wasn't as nervous as I usually am. At the end I even asked them what the ideal candidate for the job needed to have! They said they've never been asked that before! The person they described sounded a lot like me... all in all, I think it went really well. I'm glad I met with you ... that was one of the smartest things I've done in awhile!"  - Government of Canada Communications employee (IS-05) July 5, 2010


Career Exploration:  "I just wanted to let you know that the cheque is in the mail and that you ROCK!  Well.. that and the resources you provided were excellent!  It's just what I need for all those questions I know I have but don't know what they are yet."  - Entrepreneur May 16, 2010


Resume Revamp: "...well, what can I say - let me try.... this is amazing - beyond any expectation I could have. This is actually a gift you have. Taking what people do throughout their career and presenting it in a way that captures it all... helping people to realize that they have made a difference. The best is truly what you are and what you do. I am thankful we found you and for what you did for me." - Registered Nurse May 2, 2010


Resume Writing: "I can attest that her resume writing service exceeds expectations of even the pickiest of clients. I think anyone who wants to amount to anything in life should hire you." - Government of Canada Communications employee (IS-06) April 2010 - 


"I had the privilege of seeing this resume! Wow! What a fabulous job! You are indeed ' The Best'." - (friend of client)


"Maureen all looks good and you did a fantastic job in a short time." - Government of Canada Analyst (6-3) employee -   May 28, 2010


Job Search Support: "Thanks for all insightful support; the positive push; the motivating comments; the positive validations; and the introduction to our Canadian world "out there"! I've thoroughly enjoyed being mentored by you and look forward to going back to all the tips you've shown me. Thanks also for your patience." Teacher and Educator - March 31, 2010


"I am just writing to let you know that I have landed. Your help in directing my search and focusing me on what I had to think about were is exactly what I was looking for, a smaller organization where I could come in and wear a lot of hats. I am definitely at the senior table, directly below the CEO, and am taking the leading role in the development of our future strategy. Thank you for your help".  GMG client, Spring 2010



 "... the resume service you provided was outstanding to say the least. Have had several interviews however have yet to find the perfect company. All the best in 2010 and note that I have passed along your contact information to many of my colleagues who are looking to have their resumes updated. - GMG client, VP Marketing - January 5, 2010


" Xmas came early for me this year...  When opening the various documents, I was like a kid opening his Xmas gifts!  I have to congratulate you for creating an amazing package.  You have really integrated the various inputs (old resume, questionnaire and verbal) and came up with best-in-class executive level material. I want to sincerely thank you for pulling this material much earlier than originally planned."  GMG client, CFO - December, 2009


"Maureen. I've followed your advice to the letter so far and I will do so this time again.  Reading through the questions you sent, I can't articulate most of the answers clearly at first glance ... so this will be a useful exercise.  One thing that I can say right now is that I invested my prep time better for this interview than in the past.  You've inspired me and please pat yourself on the back from me for this progress!  Like my cv, I have lots of work to do on my "stories" and it will take time to work through each. - Director of Human Resources, Government of Canada, December 2009


"Maureen is a powerhouse! I met with her several times before taking the plunge into business coaching. Ladies...if you need a boost, come out and listen to Maureen. She won't steer you wrong." - Entrepreneur (Ottawa)


"I must say that going back in time to look for 'nuggets of gold' that we can use was both an unusual and enjoyable experience. Thank you for guiding me through the process. The methodology you use is very solid and time tested, and with your experience putting it in writing ... I can't wait to look at the final result." GMG client, CEO, October 1st, 2009"


"Thanks for your comments! And thank you for opening the world of online networking to me. Without the help you provided, I would likely have not even heard the name Linkedin, visualCV etc. The best thing that has happened is the breaking down of the paradigms that I had built as a result of staying with one company for 20+ years. That somewhat restrictive box has been removed, or as Tom Peters would say, "...been run over by a speeding 16 wheel truck!" It is a big world out there with lots of opportunity". - GMG client, Operations Manager - September 2009


"I've reviewed the draft document and am extremely impressed.  Overall, it seems to me that life has been breathed into my rather stodgy and unnecessarily dense document.  My compliments to you, as you had to deciphered what was meant by many of the euphemisms in my pre-existing document.  As an aside, I provided a copy of the draft document to a company who was in receipt of the pre-existing version.  I advised them that I had just received at it ...At the interview, their feedback was immediate and very positive.  They observed that they really didn't understand what my contributions to previous employers were, i.e., after reading my document.  The commented further that new version was coherent, functional in its orientation and more targeted to the skills they were looking for. Thanks." - September 25, 2009


CPC Award Recipient 2008

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Outstanding Canadian Online Profile Developer

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