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Writing Samples

Icon_word_16 Ripe for the Picking

Lynchburg Community Market

Travel article written by TM LeValley


Icon_word_16 Bluegrass Icon Signs Off.

Les Woodie Retirement Article.

Written by Tina Le'valley

for: Altavista Journal Nov. 2010


Icon_word_16 A Rendezvous With Destiny

Written by By Tina Le’Valley,

Press Media Group, LLC   

Friday, 26 January 2007


Icon_word_16 The Bald Eagle Makes a Comeback

Written by By Tina Le’Valley, Press Media Group, LLC   

Friday, 02 February 2007


Icon_word_16 Breathing New Life Into Discarded Trash

Written by By Tina Le’Valley,

 Press Media Group, LLC   

Friday, 19 January 2007


Icon_word_16 The Cherished Toys of Long Ago

Written by By Tina Le’Valley, Press Media Group, LLC   

Friday, 09 February 2007


Air check/ demo/ voice work


Voice talent ranges from accents and tones to various characters and emotions.

25th Class Reunion Spot

Written, produced and voice by:

Tina Marie Le'Valley

for: Amherst Co.H.S, Class of 85

Avoca Museum Interview

for: AM 1000 WKDE

Business Profiles Segment

Weekly program produced and hosted by:

Tina Marie Le'Valley

96.1 LiteFM

Contracted as:


Down by the River INTRVW

97.9 & 106.9 WZZI/WZZU

Lynchburg's Very Own Rock Station...

The Planet


Affiliations & Associations

Served as a Board Member of:
Friends of the Community Market, Partners in Prevention,

Va Tourism Commission, Appomattox Chamber of Commerce Task Force,

Va is for Lovers Marketing Steering Committee,

Alliance for Families and Children Advertising council and

the Better Beginnings Coalition.


Committee Memberships include:

American Red Cross,

Lynch's Landing & Downtown Revitalization,

Lynchburg City Events Committee,

The Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association,

The Virginia Tourism ~ VA is for LOVERS campaign,

VA Association of Chamber Executives,

Civil War Memorial Commission, National Parks Administration, Central Virginia Economic Development Program,

Va Retreat Committee and Virginia State Fairs.

Events and/or Programs Planning Participation:

The Father Initiative,

Friday Cheers,


The Batteau Festival ,

CVCC Open House,

Day in the Park,

VA Ten Miler,

Appomattox Railroad Festival, Uncle Billy's Day,

Colgate Country Showdown,

MDA Lockup,

Salvation Army Kettle Fundraiser; Decisions made with BBC (Better Beginnings Coalition),

The Partners in Prevention campaign and

VA Department of Health better options committee.

Complied with City policies by following through with proper procedures to include:

Obtaining appropriate insurance policies, riders/waivers;

acquiring permits for specific attractions and rides through City inspections;

notifying and/or supplying food vendors with pertinent information from Health Department; securing banquet licenses and other relevant documentation; assuring participation of fire, police and EMT officials to oversee the well being of the attending public.



Projects and Events


Construction sign

Pictures of events and samples of marketing projects will be posted soon. Thanks for checking back.

PERSONAL REFERENCES ( See letters of Professional Recommendations in left column.)

Bob Abbott


Robert (Duncan) Massie


Ann Custer



My personality type is ENFJ. I celebrate a birthday in December, which makes me a Sag'. "Daydream Believer" was a hot song the year I came to BE and I think it set the tone for my personality. I was born in Trenton and spent my childhood in Princeton N.J., but have lived in Central Virginia for over half my life.

Although I have been committed to the same man for almost 14 years now, I am not married and am not a parent. I have one sister, two nieces and one nephew... I am a very COOL aunt by the way!

My greatest joy comes from animals; not just my pets but all critters large and small. The natural world , be it the wilderness or the wildlife therein, is what I am most interested in. I love to write poetry, watch PBS and just be lazy in meditation from time to time. The #12 is my favorite numeral, September is my favorite month. Early mornings, as the sun is coming up, is the best time of the day and  green is the most beautiful color because it is the hue of LIFE!

Classic rock is my first pick for my listening pleasure. Although, I enjoy most genre of music in moderation. I can get lost in an epic motion picture; anything historical in theme or filmed with big breathtaking scenes. Cinematography can sometimes be an important character in itself. 

I'm somewhat of a "tomboy", I take great pleasure being outdoors. A naturalist at heart, I relish long walks in the forest or down a beach... I adore the seashore!  I participate in canoeing, fishing and camping with great enthusiasm . I am not an athlete by any stretch but look forward to swimming, diving and just splashing and playing in water every chance I get.

My spiritual philosophies are synonymous to those of the great native peoples. I have both Blackfeet and Cherokee blood running through the branches of my genealogical tree. The sacred beliefs, lore and history of the aboriginal North American Indians compel my spirit and fuel my non-traditional religious ideals.

I am loyal, reliable, thoughtful and generous. But I also can be stubborn, opinionated and picky.

The best advise I can give,  is to never stop learning; as long as the mind can devour knowledge we shouldn't ever stop feeding it wisdom. Allow yourself to mature everyday in every way~physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually!

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* Come On Get Happy

Favorite Quotes

John Muir ~ In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.


White Eagle ~ Do not criticize your brother or sister, for this brings about disintegration in your own your own life. Instead, look in love and thankfulness on those with whom your karma has brought you into association.


Anne Frank ~ Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.


William Wodsworth ~ Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.

Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ Earth laughs in flowers.

Radio Events & Remotes

Katey Doll

Local doll maker creates Katey in the likeness of Me.

The Manic Morning Show Team

2000 VAB Award Winning Manic Morning Team. Best AM Drive Show is Kenny & Tina on 105.5 KD Country

Tina Remote at Neds Beer

Neds Beer & Wine Remote. Summer of 2010. It was so hot outside we went indoors...I was still having a great time~ I do love my job!

The Manic Morning Show

In the studio at 5:00 am. WKDE studio was a 30 minute drive into work. Don't miss the commute but do miss the fun.

Tina Producing

Producing is my thing. Let me get creative and I'm a "happy camper".

NO close-ups Please

I'd rather be doing mornings. But could you keep the lens a little further away...No close-ups please. Too early for make-up!

Hosting Duties

Emcee for Cattle Annies Concert.

"Wait a minute folks...'No Show Jones'... has shown up"!