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Global Growth

Growing Computer Markets Around the World

Growing tech markets worldwide, with an extensive focus on emerging markets.

Where I've been ...

Cities I've visited, more than half emerging markets, presenting keynotes, meeting the press, and directly engaging leaders of business and government to develop international consortiums, partnerships, and sale growth.

Work History Highlights

Managing Director, Strategic Business Development

Managing Director, Strategic Business Development

Drove critical market turnaround by growing Intel share 30% in one year in the internet/cyber café market (one of China’s largest PC markets), generating $80M in new revenue.

PRC EE Project

Drove creation of the China Electronics Energy Savings Council (CEESC) to influence new government policy on energy savings requirements for computers.  


This diagram shows the agencies we needed to influence, and their inter-dependencies.  

General Manager, Emerging Markets Platforms Group

General Manager, Emerging Markets Platforms Group

Pioneered a new business group in China for Intel, growing operations and people (150+ employees) in six countries with $75+M revenue in first year of operation. Group conceived and delivered the Classmate PC.

Executive Sponsor, Intel's World Ahead Program

Executive Sponsor, Intel's World Ahead Program

Conceived strategy and executed Intel's renowned World Ahead program (a billion-dollar initiative with multiple country launches). World Ahead was designed to increase visibility of Intel's thought leadership in "crossing the digital divide" and - like Nicholas Negroponte's “One Laptop per Child” program - build pathways to expand technology's reach to vastly under-served populations, creating new markets for computers with Intel chips. 

Keynote & Press Expertise

A Small Sample of Speaking Opportunities

Keynotes, Presentations and the Press (A sample)

I enjoy speaking and presenting globally, whether it be at an expert panel, press conference, or keynote with 3000+ attendees.

Press Coverage Around the World

100's of Press Interviews and Coverage from Around the World

I have been interviewed in global, regional, and local publications worldwide. Click here for a selection.

BBC Radio Interview with MB

A recording of a BBC radio interview with me at the UN's World Summit for an Information Society. I discuss how our rural community PC is recharged by a bicycle. Interview starts 7 minutes, 30 seconds into the recording.

Quotes & Recommendations

Icon_pdf_16 “This was Intel at its finest … simply fabulous efforts.” Paul Otellini, Intel CEO

That quote from Paul was from the successful launch of World Ahead at Intel, a $1B 5 year initiative. I've compiled select quotes from other "kudos" emails and performance reviews in the attached word document.


Click here for other recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

References (contact info available on request)

Tom Kilroy

Vice President, Digital Enterprise Group Intel Corporation

I worked with Tom for about five years before I went to China.  He is a very senior VP at Intel (reports to the CEO and runs one of the biggest divisions at Intel).

Ian Yang

Vice President and General Manager, China Sales and Marketing Group Intel Corporation

Ian has run China sales and marketing and overseen tremendous growth for Intel for more than 10 years now.

Jim Yasso

Angel Investor Retired, Previously Intel Corporation

Jim was VP/GM of Intel's channel business group.  He promoted me to the Director of Channel Marketing position and he was extremely supportive of my "intrapreneurial" spirit.

Jim Jarrett

Retired, Formerly Vice President, Corporate Affairs Intel Corporation

Jim headed up Intel's global government & public affairs, and he was the first President for Intel in China in the mid 90's.  I worked closely with him and his team on various joint initiatives and alliances, including World Ahead.

Sophia Chew

Vice President, Channel Products Group Intel Corporation

Sophia and I worked as peers for most of my career at Intel in channels and emerging markets. When I first met her, she headed up our channel operations for Asia out of Singapore and we worked together to expand Intel's channel presence in emerging markets.