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What Kristi Does...

The Universal Experience

Universal Experience

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Three unique aspects combine to create the feelings, emotions, pleasures and pains that characterize an experience:


Brand Experience

User Experience

Customer Experience


This is primarily what Kristi helps companies envision, define, create and maintain, online or offline, as a consultant or employee, impacting the brand, technology and social media users experience.

How I Work

Sports Projects

sports pdf cover

At Fresh ID we did many projects for our local pro sports teams. This PDF has examples, tech details and some results of our efforts.

User Experience for Software

UXP Apps

This document describes various user experience activities I might perform or address for an enterprise software organization.

User Experience for Ecommerce

UXP Ecommerce

This document describes various user experience activities I might perform or address for an ecommerce site.

6 Fresh Brands

6 fresh brands

An quick high-level look at my UXP capabilities, with work samples from six software projects.

Working with Kristi

I've worked with Kristi on several projects over the years. When I launched a new startup two years ago, I immediately brought Kristi on board to help with every aspect of the UI design and product branding; she was an integral member of the team. Everyone who sees the product remarks at how good the UI looks and how straightforward it is to navigate. When we were acquired last spring a significant contributor to our valuation was the quality of the UI and its ease of use. After the acquisition we had to rebrand the UI to be in line with the new company. Once again Kristi came to the rescue by helping us retool the UI for a consistent look and feel. Overall Kristi has been an invaluable resource. Her insight into how graphic design and navigation affect product perception is truly exceptional.


Dave Trahan

Braintree Technologies


There are many UI Experts in my list I worked with during my career but Kristi is on the top of my list. She is not only an expert of User Experience and User-Centered Designs but she is also an Architect of blending Context, Content and User Experience. I always admired her work.


Adil Soni



Kristi's design work is top notch. She works well with software engineers, able to translate vague product specs and delivers stunning, award winning product GUIs in time for market deployment. She redesigned the PentaSafe product line front end, enabling it to be effectively used by the customer base.


Albert Gorup



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