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Microsoft: Realizing Potential

Realizing Potential: Theater

Microsoft's first branding initiative, the Realizing Potential multi-platform campaign, won several awards & was the first (and perhaps only) campaign that Bill Gates had praise for.

We developed this campaign, then supplied the creative, assets and style guidelines to Microsoft's markets around the world. Primary areas of focus were TV, magazines, OOH, interactive, and viral marketing of the videos on YouTube.

Hitachi True Stories

Hitachi True Stories Campaign

Print & interactive campaign highlighting ways that Hitachi has made a difference in people's lives.

To explore the breadth and scope of this amazingly successful campaign, see this microsite by Dylan DiBona, the art director who started it all.

Schwab Active Trader Community

AT Community Virtual Tour

A safe haven for hard-core traders, complete with extensive resource libraries, customizable profiles and avatars, user-generated blogs and surveys, and live or on-demand webinars. Big hit from day one, cuz those active traders are a rabid bunch!

Microsoft: Realizing Potential TV

Realizing Potential TV Sophie

An example of one the TV spots for the Realizing Potential campaign.

Microsoft: Windows XP Launch

Windows XP Print: Curious

Massive global campaign, created and individualized for each country at McCann SF

Microsoft: Vista Launch

Love it or hate it, Microsoft's Vista campaign was huge. Lots of print work, station domination, and TV. This clip shows all three.

Sources of Goodness

I’m constantly improving my Geek Fu by reading Fast Company, Wired, Gizmodo, and boingboing.

Nerdcore tendencies are only encouraged by time spent on Google+.

Happiness is enriched by xkcd, The IT CrowdDr. Horrible, Flight of the ConchordsBlack Books, all things Tron or old-school Star Wars, and anime like Last Exile, Oban Star Racers. and most things Studio Ghibli.

Interests & Quirks

I flew airplanes when I was 16. No, I am not prone to panic.

Have a deep love of archery, swimming, DIY projects, reading way too many books at once, Japanese pop culture, and arts ‘n’ crafts of all sorts.

I say things like leading, kerning, and typographical hierarchy, and mean it.


Diagramming sites and user flows is fun!


I dream of attending Comi-Con with a phalanx of Stormtroopers. Dear Gods of the Nerderati, let it be so.

LinkedIn Profile

Prefer to see me on LinkedIn? I come highly recommended!

Why Kaylin?

Some people end up in advertising and branding by accident. Some of us are born to it.

My deep, abiding love of this creative world, my comfort with the its constantly-changing landscape, and my substantial project management experience mean that I’ve got some serious mojo working.


I cut my teeth at one of the most challenging agencies out there (McCann, back in the day), and came out with a rock solid understanding of what types of people make great work happen, and why. You know the hub of a bike wheel, where all the spokes converge? That’s exactly where I like to be – centrally connected to all of the agency’s key groups, making sure the right people are working on the right projects, and that the work we produce is brilliant, varied, and best of all, surprising.

Proud to have an entrepreneurial mindset, and I very much appreciate dynamic, creative companies that don't just think outside the box — they take it apart and make something new out of it. Happy to be a quirky Geek Fu evangelist, spreading the good word about talented, tech-forward companies that make life better, funner, and more creative. I find it extremely gratifying to be involved with projects that span multiple continents and cultures.