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Host, Commentator, Interviewer

VisualCV Video

A compilation of my work in 2010 at Prairie Meadows Racetrack/Casino in Altoona, IA.

Selected On Camera Clips

These are selected on-camera clips from my work at KTUU-TV2 (NBC) Anchorage, AK.

Inside Racing - KLAC AM570 Los Angeles

First segment interview with racing journalist/blogger Claire Novak on May 9, 2009 ... the day after the 2009 Kentucky Derby.

Inside Racing - KLAC AM570 - Los Angeles

Second segment interview with handicapper Bruce Finkelstein on May 9, 2009 ... the day after the 2009 Kentucky Derby.

KTUU-TV 2 Anchorage Sports Segment

VisualCV Video

A four-minute sports segment from a KTUU-TV 2 (NBC) Anchorage newscast... I always strived for good writing, good content, interesting video, and giving my viewers a well-rounded segment! I enjoyed the opportunity to interview former NC basketball star Kenny Smith, who was a rookie at the time for Bill Russell's Sacramento Kings.

Hockey Referee - Anchorage, AK

VisualCV Video

This is one of my all-time favorite features that I've ever done. This was when wireless microphones were just beginning to be part of the tool set. I asked Jimmy Brett, a well-known hockey referee in Anchorage, to wear a wireless for one period. We got some great sound! This piece ended up being aired on ESPN!

Kenai River - Alaska - 1986

VisualCV Video

A "blast from the past!" Simply the most amazing day of fishing I've ever had in my life. And truly a "once in a lifetime" fishing experience, I've never come close to anything like it again. I still have my trophy-mounted Kenai King on display in my home.

Leningrad Hockey - USSR - 1986

VisualCV Video

The pinnacle of a four-country tour for the Anchorage North Stars junior hockey team ... a report on one of their two games outdoors in Leningrad, USSR against the Red Army youth team!

Fox Morning Show - San Diego

VisualCV Video

Video segment from San Diego's FOX affiliate morning show. I was interviewed by  host Raoul Martinez about my connection to Sarah Heath Palin.


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