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Hemp Based Ice Cream

April 20, 2012

JP Licks came out with its second non-dairy vegan ice cream. 

Bruins Player Brad Marchand at Old School Pizza

April 2, 2012

Boston Bruins Brad Marchand visited Old Town Pizza to promote his own brand of sports gear

J.P. Licks New Dairy-Free Ice Cream

March 6, 2012 

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

March 1, 2012 

Zimmern to Babson College

Heila Nir. Zimmern

February 16, 2012 Andrew Zimmern at Babson College.

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Gustare Oil & Vinegars Shop

January 20, 2012 Reporter for a piece on a new store that opened in Wellesley, MA. Spoke to the owners of Gustare Oil & Vinegars. 



Newscast April 19, 2011. Finally back behind the desk. Stay tuned for April 26th Newscast I'll be anchor again!

Weather Reporter

Newscast April 12, 2011. This week I was weather reporter. It was all ad lib. As stressful as that sounds it was actually really fun! I wish I chose a different outfit, but now I know silk dosn't look good on TV.

Sports Reporter

Newscast April 8, 2011. My job this week was Sports reporter. I was nervous since this was my first time doing sports and I am not such a sports expert. I did fumble twice because the teleprompter went out and I lost my place. Overall I thought I did well!


Newscast October 22, 2011. This was the first newscasts we did in the semester. I cut myself some slack since it was my first time being co-anchor. I edited bits and pieces from the newscast in order to shorten the video and highlight my parts.

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Published article in CITY Magazine Issue August 2009

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