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This I Believe


This video is a compilation of 8th

grade This I Believe essays. The

full description can be found



make.a.difference project

m.a.d 2010

So, what makes a difference?

The make.a.difference project is an intensive, year-long 8th grade project in which students focus on a person or organization who has made a positive difference in the world. The project involves research, report writing, letter writing, reflection, community service, technology, the arts, oral presentation skills, and a final project that includes artifacts, a visual, and a toolbox that their person or organization would use to make a positive difference. The goal is by learning about people who make a difference, students will then start making a difference on their own and be the change they wish to see in the world. blog

mrspalbw is my professional blog where I discuss innovative teaching techniques, technology in education, and share ideas regarding curriculum design and instruction.

My Wiki


My wiki is a digital space where my students share multimedia projects.

middle school advisory program


This is my middle school advisory blog where I have designed a curriculum for grades 6-8 to be used by advisor teachers at Montgomery School.  I believe that advisory is the cornerstone to having a successful middle school program.