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Geoff's many years as a Sales and Marketing Executive in Cleveland radio and television, combined with a lifetime on stage, give him a unique ability to help clients create great special events featuring the very best entertainment.


Geoff is the Bandleader and a vocalist of The Avenue - one of Jerry Bruno Productions' most in-demand dance bands.  Now Geoff is excited to offer DJ services for your events as well and he is excited to talk with you about how to make an unforgettable night of entertainment for your next special event!

Video Entertainment Marketing

Call-Back Theater Video Series

Call-Back is a local cable access and internet reality video series, blog and podcast that I designed as a marketing tool to raise awareness and interest in local theatre productions throughout Northeast Ohio.  I host, shoot and edit these episodes to use as tools to attract not only audiences, but also corporate sponsors to create new revenue streams for performing arts groups. 

More Call-Back Episodes can be seen by visiting

The Call-Back Blog

STAGES: Stories from the BW Music Theater Program

Based on his work on the Call-Back video documentaries, Geoff was commissioned to produce a new series for the Baldwin-Wallace College music theater program in 2009.  This documentary series called “STAGES: Stories from the BW Music Theater Program” follows the stories of the students and teachers of the acclaimed Baldwin-Wallace College Music Theatre Program led by Victoria Bussert. Produced by theater artist and documentarian Geoffrey Short, STAGES gives viewers unprecedented access to this exclusive program that draws the very best talent from around the country to this small private college in Berea, Ohio (just southwest of Cleveland). Graduates of this program often go on to careers on Broadway.

Multi-Media Samples

A few samples of video & other multi-media projects Geoff has produced for theater productions and other marketing & advertising projects.



My personal website.  This is the home of video documentaries I have produced, audio and photo samples from theater productions and various music projects and more!


This is the home page of the website I designed for the musical "Oklahoma!" which I'm currently directing.

Based the design on a more historically accurate gritty and sepia-toned nature of the Old West along with incorporation of Native American Themes appropos of the "Indian Territory" Oklahoma once was.


This is the home page of the website I designed for the musical "City of Angels" which I directed in Winter '09.

I based the design on some of the film noir styles of the show.


This is the home page of the website I designed for the musical "Assassins" which I directed in Fall '08.

I wanted the site to be dark and ominous while still reflecting some of the red, white and blue themes.

Ad Sponsorship Samples

"BachCast" Presentation

This is a sample of a type of presentation I often put together using forms of new media (in this case a podcast, combined with internet and print exposure) to help build awareness and business for the client and a new revenue stream for my employer.

Cassidy Theatre Sponsorship

This is a sample presentation of a sponsorship deal I put together with a local company that helped secured an annual naming rights deal as well as internet service for a non-profit theatre.

O.P.A. Sponsorship

A sample of the type of customer-focused presentations I create to help secure revenue and sponsorship for performing arts groups.

Set Design Animations

Set Animation for "Oklahoma"

This is a sample of an animation I made to demonstrate one of my set design ideas for a production of "Oklahoma". ( 

Performance Examples

Geoff as Co-Host of "Cheap Date"

You won't believe the trouble Geoff and Dave got into when they visited the Crawford Auto and Aviation Museum in Cleveland!

Cheap Date was a weekly segment that aired every Friday on WKYC TV-3 in Cleveland. Hosted by Geoffrey Short and Dave Tarbert ( the segment aired in Channel 3's "Good Company" program ( and focused on out of the way places and out of the box events in and around Cleveland that make perfect alternatives to the same old dinner and a movie.

Geoff Singing Television Appearance

Geoff Short sings "I'll Be Here" from Andrew Lippa's "The Wild Party" on WKYC-TV3's Good Company program. The appearance was in support of the Cleveland Cabaret Project ( in which Geoff appeared at Playhouse Square in Cleveland. He was accompanied by Charles Eversole.

Geoff Voice-Over for Mid-Ohio Food Bank

VisualCV Video

A sample of Geoff's voice-over work for Operation Feed for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank