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Work Samples


This movie was my entry into the 2012 Campus Movie Fest at my university. I directed, shot, and edited the entire movie in three days, and I won Best Picture and Best Crime Drama. 

Longwood Show Season 8, Episode 4

This episode of the Longwood Show was completely shot, edited and directed by me. The script was written by the other members of the Longwood Show. 

Austin Paul, Jr. Promo

This is an audition video I did for a young man named Austin Paul, Jr. for the Grammy Orchestra. Whether or not he was chosen is still unknown. 

Creek Entertainment Web Promo

Creek Entertainment wanted a very simple, nothing fancy promo video for their website. This project only took me about three days.

News Package

I did this news package for my Advanced Broadcast Productions course. It took approximately 12 hours from turning on the camera to exporting the video. It has a few small errors, like for instance, the cursor was in a couple of the computer screen shots. Overall though, I feel that it turned out pretty well. 

Longwood Show Season 8 Episode 1

About 95% of the editing of this video was done by me.


This video was my entry into the 2011 Campus Movie Festival and we won Best Comedy.