Your resume. ALIVE.

  • A comprehensive view of you that never becomes stale.

Build a Career Portfolio

  • Embed and showcase samples of your work and accolades.

Present Yourself

  • Highlight your presentation skills with optional video.

Track and Control

  • With customized privacy and security settings.

Your resume. ALIVE.

VisualCV converts your traditional resume into a live Internet document.
It includes a custom representation of your experience and achievements along with text, images, charts and video.

  • Easily create a VisualCV in 3 easy steps: create, enrich, share.
  • Don't have a current resume?No problem - our expert Insider's Guide and resume-builder quickly guide you through the process.

Build a Career Portfolio

Enrich the presentation of your employment history with a compelling digital portfolio highlighting your accomplishments.

You can showcase accolades, awards, transcripts, work samples, publications and recommendations--all embedded within your VisualCV.

  • Embed a photo of your CEO awarding you the President's Club award last year.
  • Show great examples of the clean, elegant software code you write.
  • Embed letters of recommendation, diplomas or award certificates.
  • Include your outstanding writing samples, articles, artwork, or designs.
  • Embed any of the following type of files: .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .jpg, .gif, .png, .mov, .wmv and more.

Be Top of the Charts!

Quantify your achievements with charts and graphs highlighting results.

Create a chart showing quota attainment, or displaying years of experience with Java, C++ and PHP development.

Show how you reduced costs or increased retention.

Including a chart in your VisualCV visually quantifies your experiences and accomplishments.

Present Yourself

Showcase your presentation skills, or simply your passion for your field, with optional video.

  • Upload a clip of a sales presentation.
  • Provide answers to standard first interview questions.
  • Address that awkward gap in your resume.
  • Multimedia capabilities allow you to present yourself to all who view your VisualCV.

Read our Insider's Guide to the VisualCV for tips on how to make a great video.

Securely Share

Control access to your VisualCVs, and share with recipients you choose.

  • You decide who gets to see your VisualCV
  • Share with employers, colleagues, customers and friends
  • Decide who gets to see your VisualCV, and which version
  • Share with your professional or social network
  • Share with an employer, and your differentiated VisualCV is automatically made available for their review for both current and future job postings

You can develop as many versions of your VisualCV as you want to share with distinct groups.

Track and Control

You completely control access to your VisualCV, and can track all activity against it.

  • Track who sees your VisualCV and when.
  • You can create multiple VisualCVs, each with a unique privacy setting.
  • With VisualCV you control the first impression of prospective employers and partners.

You enjoy Guaranteed Privacy. No backdoors for recruiters or marketers.

Employers Will Love You

The person reading your VisualCV does not even have to leave the page to learn more about your achievements, eliminating the research required with a traditional resume.

VisualCV helps recruiters understand your capabilities with embedded work samples and optional video. You can include transcripts, recommendation letters, clearances, and key validation that recruiters require in their selection process.

VisualCV is a complete representation of you with so much information it can even replace the first interview!

Securely Share

  • With employers, recruiters, customers, friends and more...

Employers Will Love You!

  • Your VisualCV saves them time and money.