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Volunteer Experience

President, Board of Directors, Episcopal Foundation of Northern California


Director, Planned Giving Commission, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church


Director, St. Paul’s Interfaith Youth Music Project


Organizer, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Kid’s Vacation Bible School)


Counselor, Sierra Service Project


Instructor, CFRE Review Course, San Francisco, CA

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From My Recommendations


Advancement Officer - Western Region

“I had the pleasure of mentoring under David from 2011-2012. In my 15+ year career in public service, I found David to be the most dedicated, skilled at fundraising professional I have had the pleasure of working with.

David is the rare individual who gains as much satisfaction in helping others as he does achieving his own fundraising goals. He is the first person to lend a hand or provide advice to other fundraisers – with no other motivation than to help them progress as a professionals. While passionate about his causes, he accepts others for who they are and works with their strengths and interests to ensure their professional success.

As a fundraiser, Davis is second to none. He excels at all areas of fundraising, employing new technologies and cutting edge research to identify prospects and move them forward, achieving big wins not only for his organization but for his donors as well. He looks for win-wins in his relationships – which is why his donors feel so excited about the organization they’re investing in. David is on the cutting edge – not only seeing the potential of social media but using it to drive his relationships forward and keep his donors informed. He is an extremely hard worker and is always “on the job” in order to best support his organization and donors.

As a person, David is driven by a values system of integrity, hard-work, and selfless service to others and his community at large. His approach to his personal and professional relationships is a model to learn from and difficult to replicate. At times it seems he’s doing the work of three people – yet he does it with ease and a smile on his face.

David is a credit to our profession and someone that all fundraisers should be so lucky to call mentor and friend. My greatest hope is that one day he will use his innumerable skills to lead an organization – his combination of fundraising prowess, relationship building skills, and interest in developing staff are second to none.” September 4, 2012

1st Michelle Compton, Individual and Corporate Giving Officer, HOPE Services

National Rifle Association

“During my time as Executive Director for the Office of Advancement for the National Rifle Association, David was one of the leaders in funds raised in all capacities. He has been a consistently high producer. David's dedication to our mission is truly impressive and has been a true asset to the NRA. David works well with his peers and provides mentoring to those new to the organization and to fundraising. He demonstrates a leadership capability that inspires others and promotes teamwork. He works diligently to improve himself and will continue to grow in his professional expertise as a fundraiser and leader.” May 2, 2010

1st Benjamin Case, Executive Director - Office of Advancement, National Rifle Association
managed David at National Rifle Association


“David Bundesen is an effective, committed and ethical fund raiser. I am continually impressed by David's dedicated work ethic and his investment in our institutional mission and vision. David is a phenomenal business partner, and I truly enjoy working with him. The impact of David Bundesen's work is meaningful for the world we are all striving to build for the next generations.” February 10, 2010

1st Emily Cummins, MBA, CPA, CPCU, ARe, ARM, Director of Tax & Risk Management, National Rifle Association of America
worked with David at National Rifle Association


“David is a real pleasure to work with. He is always thoroughly prepared for meetings, keeps excellent records, and is very personable and engaging. David has excellent foresight and a keen ability to direct complex circumstances into the desired outcome. Under pressure, David does especially well thinking clearly and prioritizing tasks. He is also not shy about giving constructive feedback when needed. Finally, his strong emphasis on personal and professional growth will surely ensure that he continues to be an asset to any organization that he serves.” March 24, 2009

1st Meg Moss Guegan, Director of Communications - Advancement, National Rifle Association
worked directly with David at National Rifle Association


“David is a people-focused, problem solving, team player who always thinks of creative solutions to accomplish his goals. In five year's time I have come to think of him as a person who sets goals then exceeds them - always by self-motivation.” January 6, 2009

1st Brooke Berthelsen, Assistant Director of Planned Giving - Marketing, National Rifle Association
worked directly with David at National Rifle Association


Senior Field Representative

“David Bundesen is a brilliant leader and role model. I was fortunate enough to work with David and learn fund-raising, team motivation and organization skills from him primarily between 2002 and 2005. David is knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy but it's his energy that I will most remember from the years we worked together.

David has been a major player and driver within multiple roles at NRA, the organization and members are lucky to have him.” December 9, 2011

1st Jeff Daily, Western Washington - Field Representative, NRA
worked indirectly for David at National Rifle Association


University of San Francisco

“David was my student in two classes at USF, where our program used a "cohort" model in which students took all classes together. David was selected by his peers to be cohort liaison, and as such was a strong and inspired leader of his peer students. He maintained strong relationships with the other students in the cohort, set a standard of academic excellence among the team, encouraged those who were having difficulties, and brought cohort concerns to faculty attention. David is a natural leader, and it was a pleasure to have him in my classes.” July 8, 2011

1st David Bergen, Professor, School of Business and Professional Studies (part-time), University of San Francisco,
taught David at University of San Francisco


“I had the privilege of working with David on two school projects and the experience was great. I learned so much about the leadership role watching him in action. He promoted participation, cooperation, collaboration, and made sure that the group had clear measurable expectations to be successful. As the leader of our cohort, he set the bar high and made me a better student. David would be a great fit for any company looking for someone with excellent communication and leadership skills.” January 26, 2012

1st Sean Hayes, Senior Development Engineer Tech II, First Solar, studied with David at University of San Francisco

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