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Joe Smith

Partner Smith and O'Neill Advertising

Reference Excerpt:

"Chris Kibben has worked for me as a marketing intern for the past year. His responsibilities have included writing and editing press releases, contacting editorial staff, making sure ads are placed, and keeping track of the account budget.

Chris is highly respected by his co-workers for his willingness to help anyone anytime he can. He is very well organized, diligent in his work, easily reachable, and always on time.

Chris has done an excellent job and I would highly recommend him for any position in your company..."


Full Letter of Reference from Joe Smith, Partner of Smith and O'Neill Advertising.


Additional references available upon request.

Community Service

Community Service

Working with the Great Falls Park Staff, one of the projects I was involved in included constructing steps to help the local hikers up some of the more challenging terrain.

Myers- Briggs Results

Myers Briggs breakdown


People who prefer Extraversion tend to focus their attention on the outer world of people and things.


People who prefer Intuition tend to take in information from patterns and the big picture and focus on future


People who prefer Feeling tend to make decisions based primarily on values and on Subjective evaluation of person-centered concerns.


People who prefer Perceiving tend to like a flexible and spontaneous approach to life and prefer to keep their options open.