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Icon_pdf_16 Sample Professional Development Session: Adjunct Faculty Recruitment and Retention

"I can take

Dr. Brigham's ideas

into my institution tomorrow!"


"Great organization, energy, and information. Absolutely stellar."


"EXCELLENT CONTENT! Enthusiastic presenter. Good lecturer AND facilitator -- a rare combination."


"Lots of good ideas and many take-aways that can be immediately implemented."


"Strong presentation with good, practical application."


"This was the best breakout session of the 2-day workshop!"


Icon_word_16 Sample Syllabus: World Music and Culture

"I think that she's an excellent teacher."


"She makes the topics very clear so that it is understandable from the viewpoint of

a person who does not understand music that much."


"She encouraged the whole class to participate [and] made us feel free to ask questions."


"She is obviously excited

about teaching this class, and

brings her energy into the classroom."



"She used teachniques to

get you interested."


"She always came up with

new ideas on how to teach difficult subjects."


"Cathy does an excellent job of relating terms or theories to our own experiences."

Icon_doc_16 Transforming Education through Innovation

An article as it appeared in the inaugural issue of PLAIO - Prior Learning Assessment Inside Out.

Icon_doc_16 Writing Sample: Going Online to Make Learning Count

An invited publication by IRRODL, the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning. This was published in January of 2011.

Icon_doc_16 Writing Sample: Availability, Use and Value of Prior Learning Assessment within Community Colleges

This report, funded by Lumina Foundation for Education, examined the use -- and potential use -- of Prior Learning Assessment at community colleges across the country.

Icon_ppt_16 Sample Professional Development Session: Gender Communication in the Workplace

An invited speaker in a series on workplace communication issues, I addressed the difficulties of gender-based communication styles. This presentation was tailored for a high-tech business that was experiencing several interpersonal issues and missed deadlines due to mixed-gender teams. It was delivered in the spring of 2009.

Icon_word_16 Writing Sample: Handbook of Texas Music articles

For the first edition of The Handbook of Texas Music, I contributed seven articles on a variety of topics. This submission reflects one of the seven pieces, all of which were accepted for publication.

Icon_word_16 Writing Sample: Review for Country Standard Time

This review of a live music performance was written for a mass audience. The target reader was a mainstream music fan, aged 40-65.

Icon_word_16 Writing Sample: Book Review

I was invited by the editor of The Journal of Texas Music History to complete this book review. It was published in the fall of 2008.


Thomas Cedel

President Concordia University Texas

Under [Cathy's] administration, the Austin center more than doubled its enrollment while making a significant financial contribution to the institution. Dr. Brigham was recognized as Employee of the Year shortly after she assumed responsibility for the entire undergraduate adult education program.


Following this achievement, Dr. Brigham was promoted to the position of Dean of the College of Adult Education. In this role she managed the program at four different sites and led the school through a difficult academic transition. She continued to oversee enrollment growth in the program while also focusing on increasing student satisfaction and adjunct faculty development.


Dr. Brigham also provided leadership during the campus relocation and re-affirmation for accreditation. For example, she was the co-author of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for our annual SACS reaccreditation. In addition, she oversaw the relocation of the Austin center to a new location while maintaining continuity in program offerings.


Dr. Brigham's position with Concordia University Texas ended due to a restructuring of our academic programs. Cathy has a wide range of gifts and will be a significant contributor to any institution that recruits her.

Amy Root

Chair, Humanities Division; Assistant Professor of English Concordia University Texas

Having recently completed my seventh academic year as a member of Concordia's faculty, I have had the pleasure of watching Cathy excel in a variety of academic capacities during this time. Her dedication to the College of Adult Education has led to many triumphs for the faculty, administration, and alumni in that program. She has also proven to be an instructor who sets the bar high, nurturing the talents of those who have been fortunate enough to be her students. Your organization would be well-served by Cathy's many impressive attributes, including her:



  • Superb ability to inspire others by leading with compassion and foresight
  • Keen intellect, with an ability to create logical yet innovative solutions
  • Phenomenal organizational, long-range-planning, and research skills
  • Grace under pressure-whether budgetary, administrative, or deadline-driven
  • Consistently effective communication: clear, persuasive, precise
  • Low tolerance for mediocrity, encouraging those around her to join her in striving for truly excellent performance, while boosting morale and self-confidence every step of the way


Shane Sokoll

Professor Concordia University Texas

I worked under the leadership of Dr. Cathy Brigham while serving as the Director of one of Concordia University's College of Adult Education academic centers. Cathy's acumen in how to lead and empower her team was refreshing and highly motivating. Cathy's high personal commitment to our university's mission and the success of our students, always evident in her daily activities and conversations, invigorated a similar commitment in those of us on her staff. She never exhibited a superior ego to subordinates or was afraid to "roll up her sleeves and jump in" to help our operations team assist students during busy seasonal times or when staff was limited. In short, I observed "Servant Leadership" management theory by Cathy on a daily basis.


Cathy Brigham is a mover and shaker, i.e. she is all about action. Her drive for academic quality and constant operational improvement is evident by the amount of new academic initiatives and improved college wide systems that she quickly rolled out within the first year she became dean of the college. Staff, faculty and student morale soared during this time.


Although Cathy is very engaged with her staff, I always felt empowered to take ownership to lead my center and staff in accord with my management style. I like to "think out of the box" and try new ideas. Cathy always encouraged me to pursue new ventures, while offering valuable advice and input. There were even a few times that she challenged me to follow through with initiatives that I wanted to bail out on, for which I am grateful.


On a personal level, Cathy is an articulate, caring individual with an even disposition and a great sense of humor. I recommend her highly as an education executive, consultant and leader.

Tom O'Meara

Adjunct Instructor Concordia University Texas

Cathy has served as the Director of the Austin Center and now Dean of Adult Education at Concordia. She is a role model of leadership as well as an inside architect for the growth of the University. As Concordia reaches out to lead its community, Cathy is working (creatively) on the details, providing the education programs to meet the needs of the community, employers and the students. I have never been so well supported in my work.

Eileen Godeaux

Admissions Counselor Concordia University Texas

Dean Brigham believes that her success is built around the students at Concordia University Texas. She is committed to the student population and encourages and supports the success of everyone she meets.


While at Concordia, Dean Brigham served as a catalyst for change to enhance awareness of the adult education program and under her leadership the recruitment and enrollment for the program expanded while maintaining the same high quality education. She was an advocate and resource for the ADP students -- always meeting the needs of a very diverse adult student population.


Dean Brigham provided leadership for the program staff and was able to recruit, retain, support and ensure the academic success of the adult students. Drawing on her passion for education, Dean Brigham shares her insights educating leaders that will shape the world for generations. The role she has played in my life and the lives of the other students will change the workforce forever.

Amy Wendland

Server Infrastructure Manager Dimensional Fund Advisors

Cathy is an outstanding administrator and counselor. Any time that I came into her office she was always friendly and willing to help with any questions or concerns I had. She is truly an asset in her position as Dean. Cathy is ready for anything and I wish her all the best of luck in her career.

John Wilkes

Technical Document Analyst HelioVolt

Dr. Brigham is a detailed-orientated, consumate professional. I had the pleasure to work with Cathy while she was the Associate Professor and Dean, College of Adult Education at Concordia University Texas and I was a student in the Adult Degree Program (ADP). Cathy's concern for the student (read: client) is evident from the first meeting. Her skills as an executive manager allow her to see the small details as well as the 'stratosphere' big picture consistently led to a 'win/win' picture' for the student and the University.


Her experience in the current business environment (vis a vis her students and her own experience) makes her an ideal employee in any fast-paced, critical-thinking required position. Cathy's personal demeanor is easy going, affable and friendly. Not only am I confident in being a professional reference for her, but would easily provide a personal reference for her.

Leanne Noskey-Trevino

Adjunct Instructor Concordia University Texas

Cathy is an outstanding leader. Her professionalism is amazing. She is always looking for new ways to improve current processes. Cathy cares about the people that she works with and she strives to make everyone succeed at whatever they take on. I highly recommend Cathy; she is someone who I will always strive to be like.

Jeanne McCarron

Director Regis University / Commission on Accelerated Programs

Cathy was instrumental in providing strategic leadership that ensured relevant and timely member services as well as organizational self-sustainability. Cathy also volunteered her time and expertise when she was called on to serve as a workshop presenter, where she earned top reviews from attendees. Cathy was also selected to serve as Chair of CAP's national research subcommittee, which is currently collecting national retention data for members.


If I were to pick someone to work for, Cathy would be at the top of my list. Within CAP, she is considered an expert in adult learning, and is an inspiring and effective leader. Cathy has the unique ability to think strategically, while being able to implement programs and initiatives successfully. I give Cathy my highest recommendation.

J.J. Baskin

Founder and President Education Capital

Dr. Brigham is as professional in her work as she is passionate about the work that she does. She works to create and maintain external relationships within the usual constraints of campus dynamics. Dr. Brigham has the ability to vision how things could be, as well as managing how things are today.

Philip Andreini

Dean of Humanities Solano Community College

The work Cathy did for the Austin teachers of The National Faculty - Smithsonian Institution Program was first-rate. Several teachers wrote in their evaluations of the two-day activity that "the most successful aspects" included: "Cathy speaking about the Texas Folklife Resources," and "How to use Texas Folklife Resources."


To the evaluation prompt, "Discuss any aspects of this session you would like to pursue," seven teachers responded that they would like to have TFR working with their students/schools.


I could see how well received Cathy was by the teachers and how useful and of what high quality they felt [her] be.


In a word, to my mind working with Cathy Brigham was a pleasure and resulted in a session we can all be proud of. One teacher, adopting, I am sure, the expression of her students, described the experience as "Awesome!"