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Elias Demoz, MD, MBA

Board Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Physician New Era Physicians 804.218.2094

“Carol is an indispensible  partner for all professionals involved in end of life care issues in the community. She has phenomenal administrative & organizational skills, sound clinical knowledge, and demonstrates exceptional  skills of communication, presentations and  training staff.  She is indeed, an invaluable asset to Medi hospice and to the community at large. I am privileged to work with Carol towards excellence in Hospice and palliative medicine.” Dr Elias Demoz


James Chin

Corporate Director Medical Services of America 800-845-5850

"...To summarize my impression of Carol, I personally find her character to be ethical, resourceful, and passionate. I have learned much from Carol regarding the Hospice business, and what I found to her credit, is her passion in providing quality Hospice Services."  James Chin, MHA

Autumn Spence

National Director of Business Development Outcome Resources

“I have worked with Carol on an array of issues in regards to healthcare and hospice. She has displayed a passion for the industry, the ability to move quickly in times of change and with grace in challenging situations. She is a natural leader that has shown great awareness to details but clear overall vision. Carol is committed to achieving excellence for herself, her team and her employer. She is a charismatic, smart, professional asset to any organization." A. Spence

Susan Hogg

Executive Director Virginia Association for Hospices 804-467-2626

"Carol has a keen understanding of regulations, understands their intent and is very adept at educating staff regarding compliance.
Carol is an excellent leader. She is motivational and participatory." Susan Hogg

Tara Stewart RN, BSN

Corporate Marketing Director of Home Health Care and Hospice Medical Services of America 800-845-5850

“Carol's knowledge of the Hospice arena is bar none to those around her. With the recent changes in Hospice, Carol is one of the few people I trust with the the up to date information needed to stay abreast and maintain excellence in the field. Not many folks can hold a candle to the depth of knowledge she possesses, nor can walk a mile in her shoes. Carol's leadership is strong, even when the storms come, her sun begins to shine!” Tara Stewart, RN, BSN

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