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"ClipBlast! has been a labor of love. I have particularly enjoyed visioning, implementing and dynamically growing our proprietary video aggregation platform. As the video web explodes, ClipBlast is now the world's largest index of professional and pro-sumer video and available to people around the world via the social grid, set top boxes, mobile devices and"


Gary Baker, March 2009

About Gary Baker

Veteran digital media executive with over 15 years experience leading and managing innovative companies ranging from large corporations to start-up ventures.


Creative innovator paired with action yields a unique capability to be a world class digital media strategist and implementer.


Background in entertainment production segued into emerging digital media business holding a diverse set of industry roles ranging from start-up founder to internet strategist and online marketing consultant for Fortune 100 companies. Proven expert taking ideas through the innovation process from concept to launch. Highly skilled at developing partnerships and agreements within media and entertainment due to personal network. Experience successfully raising venture capital. Collaborative work style motivates team to think big and work smart.


Gary Baker @ DEMO

Gary Baker presents at DEMO (Video)

Gary Baker at DEMO2


Gary Baker, CEO of ClipBlast, presents the ClipBlast! VideoWebSearch Widget at DEMOfall 07, making it possible to search, navigate and watch the Video Web without having to launch a browser or visit a specific Website.




Here's what DEMO says about ClipBlast!:


"One of several innovative takes on video here at DEMOfall, ClipBlast! wants to bring the world's largest Web video index to your desktop. It's video widget allows users to view digital media-and not just the amateur shots from YouTube-directly on the desktop without visiting specific sites online. With endless branding and sponsorship opportunities available through the widget, ClipBlast! is sure to secure a leading edge in the increasingly competitive video sector. This is a theme that's beginning to resonate across the industry and one to keep a close eye on-delivering online content directly to users without involving the standard browser. Companies like ClipBlast! rightly recognize the growing demand for personalization and customization and are answering with truly innovative, engaging products."

Interviews: Gary Baker

Searching For The Best Video (Video)


Gary Baker, CEO of ClipBlast ,shows me its new video search. This is a good way to find videos from mainstream TV and he talks about what differentiates Clipblast from other video search engines.



Gary Baker: Early Trend Identification (Video)


Gary Baker, founder and President of ClipBlast!, has 20 years of experience in television and interactive media. Founded in 2004, ClipBlast! is a web video search and navigation platform with a focus on user-friendliness and versatility. Baker's interview focuses on the originality of his business structure, including its integrated advertising methodology.


Video Search/Widget Start-up ClipBlast! (Video)


Video widgets, the thin applications which display "pushed"  videos onto the desktop, blogs and social networks, are getting attention from video producers and site publishers and bloggers. 


Last week , ClipBlast's  CEO, Gary Baker, Gary came to the Beet.TV offices for a demonstration. Above is the first of a two part interview.



Gary Baker: Meet The Experts (Audio)

Meet The Experts

Gary Baker, founder and CEO of ClipBlast!, has focused his 20-year career at the intersection of television, interactive media, and the Internet. In this episode, Gary will tells us about his latest venture, ClipBlast! and talks about content monetization, distribution, plus lots more.



Gary Baker: About Video Search (Video)

Video Search Summit

Videoagency interviews Gary Baker, Founder / CEO of ClipBlast at Video search summit in San Francisco (April 2008).



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Online Video and Search Sync Up (Article)



ClipBlast! CEO Gary Baker has worked in interactive media and television for 20 years, starting as a management consultant with IBM Interactive Media, whose clients included...


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Clipblast = Remote Control for the Video Web (Article)


Gary Baker, CEO of ClipBlast, explains the web site's new features,  much cleaner look and  numerous enhancements including Video Discovery, User Experience and Personalization as well as Advertising and Distribution.

Publications: Gary Baker

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