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Hills List logo is a community website that I created for a cluster of neighborhoods known as the Hills in Central NJ.
The area is comprised of approximately 10,000 high-income, relatively young families, many of which work in New York City. I recognized that there was a need for an informational community website without an “agenda”. All other websites about the Hills region are owned and operated by real-estate agents. A recurring slogan for the site is “No Agendas, Just Information”, and this appeals to local residents.

I have been contacted by residents with recommendations and by businesses and organizations asking to be listed on the site.


I primarily promote the site by word of mouth, as well as a low-budget Google Adwords campaign. I have also optimized the main pages.


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Jason Causa


Glenn Geissinger


David Gloss


Jason Kaufman


Bill Keefe


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Slideshare_16 Best Buy - Retail Analysis (SPSS)

This is a presentation based on SPSS. The goal was to find a location for a new retail store, using SPSS, based on database analysis. Sounds boring, but it's actually quite useful.

Slideshare_16 New Website Design

This is a short overview of the new layout and features of a business website that I had redesigned.